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"If you can afford a new home, you can afford a Custom Built Home"

We have classic Colonials, Georgian-style Plantation Estates, breathless Cape Cods, historic Williamsburg Manors, timeless Country Homesteads and more! If these aren't enough to suit your tastes then help us design your dream. Gable roofs, hip roofs or the combination of the two are just the beginning. Porches, patios and porticos can be added to your plan!

The key point here is that we are able to design and build any home that you want.

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1st Floor
2nd Floor Basement
Avalon 1|2 1st Floor 2nd Floor Basement
Barclay 1st Floor 2nd Floor Basement
Capital View 1st Floor 2nd Floor Basement
Chester 1st Floor 2nd Floor Basement
Dorsett 1st Floor 2nd Floor Basement
Fairview 1st Floor 2nd Floor Basement
Premier 1st Floor 2nd Floor Basement



Anyone can build a box, but for your home you want sophisticated features and the finer points that will separate your Home from the boxes your friends live in. Fine appointments are what we refer to when it comes to flooring – hardwood, ceramic; trim – 1 piece, 2 piece, 3 piece, or 4 piece crown, chair rail, panel molding; closets – specially designed closets, cedar, cable outlets; and the list goes on and on.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why we allow you to design it. If you would like to have an island where one isn’t, we can do that. If you’d like to have a peninsula where one isn’t, we can do that. You and your kitchen designer will personally select cabinetry, appliances, and light fixtures. It doesn’t stop there, you can continue to add or subtract things to the kitchen because of its versatile character.

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Our standard appliances are G.E. Profile but if you would like to upgrade, no problem.


We prepare a lighting layout plan so you see what you are buying (pun intended). Just as a teaser of what we offer, you get pendant lights over the kitchen island.


If you felt like your old basement wasn’t what you wanted then you’re going to love your new Chadsworth basement. It’s your decision to have a finished basement or not. Not only will you enjoy the “feel” of your basement but we will also help you design and add special rooms for your enjoyment. The basement is the perfect place for an entertainment center, an exercise room, a wine cellar, a home office, a billiard room, and a sauna.


We are real easy to keep in touch with. Just call or email. We prefer email for the many obvious reasons.


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