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Our Process
Our Process
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We have developed a simple approach to helping you design and build your dream home. Contact us at or call us at (703) 556-9569 Virginia | (301) 315-8038 Maryland.

It is important to start working with us early in the process. We are able to help alleviate potential problems and surprises. Call us during the land selection process and in the design stage.

Step One - Money:

We will present you with a list of standard features, our price, and the square footage of the house. At this time you will determine either to go forward with the process or we can part as friends.

Determine the amount of money you want to spend on your home and separately, the amount of money you are able to spend. These two figures will be used later during the design process. Obtain a pre-qualification letter from a lender that supplies Construction to Permanent financing.

Step Two - Location:

Select the location you wish to live. Chadsworth Homes, Inc. has many excellent areas where we are currently building. However, if you already have your own building lot, then supply us with the location as well as the site plan. Also, determine if the lot requires a septic field and/or well and the name of the utilities serving the area. (All this information is needed)

Step Three – Design of Your Home:

We have already provided you in STEP ONE the price of your home and the standard features. If this is not what you want then you can determine the type of home you want. Are you dreaming of a contemporary or a classic colonial? Are you thinking of a cape cod? What ever you pick we can design and build it. With the type of home selected, the interior layout will be much simpler to determine.

We design homes by working with you to come up with a floor plan layout and an exterior. We then send the plans to an architect who will draw a floor plan. You will pay for an architect unless you use our house plans. If we build your house then the architect fee can be included in the sales price. Please keep in mind that the more changes to a plan the more the design fee will be.

Step Four – Standard and Optional Items:

Create a list of the “Must Haves” and a secondary list of the “Wouldn’t It Be Great”. With these two lists and the budget created in Step One we will help you select the items going into your home and their cost.

Step Five - Contract:

– Finalize your financing
– Go to contract with Chadsworth Homes
– Purchase your lot

Step Six – Finalize Selections:

This is a key component to the whole process. Delaying or changing selections will “ALWAYS” increase your cost. ALWAYS. We work with home selection experts who will guide you through the whole process.

Step Seven - Construction:

We will give a schedule as to how long the house will take to build.

Step Eight – Settlement:

At this time we will obtain the county occupancy permit and the final inspection. We will walk the house with you and prepare a final list of things to be fixed, which we call a “punch list.” After we complete the punch list you are then able to move into your home. After you are in your home for 11 months you may call us and we will come back and touch up the caulking and nail pops. Should you have any warranty problems, you are to call us at any time.

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