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Our Process

A Simple Approach to Stunning Design


We have developed a simple approach to helping you design and build your dream home.

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Step One – Pricing:

We build homes that range in price from $750k to $2 million (not including land). The difference in pricing is primarily size and the final appointments (finishes) selected by the owner. The constant in the Chadsworth construction process is insulation, energy efficiency, structural soundness and feel of the home and its tasteful design.

To determine the general cost of your project, we can estimate the range of your project at an initial meeting. We need to know the size of the home, scope of finishes and the location.

Step Two – Location:

Often home buyers will wait to buy land before calling us. That can be a costly mistake. It is important to start working with us early in the process. We are able to help alleviate potential problems and surprises. Call us during the land selection process. We can help you SAVE money.

Chadsworth has sellers bring us land before they go on the open market, but they go fast. So when you find a lot you like, move quickly.

Alternatively, you may have your own lot. In that event we will have the house sited on your lot and get the permit.

Step Three – Design of Your Home:

The design of your home is divided into two sections: exterior and interior. Think of the exterior as an overcoat. The exterior does not have to match the interior. The single most important factor in selecting the exterior façade is what makes you happy.

The interior is more complicated as we need to interweave how you live with how you want to live, the flow of the house and keeping the interior with a consistent theme. The role of the designer is often the key to your achieving your vision. Our designer will assist you in making your selections while alerting you to price variances from the base price.

Step Four – Contract:

The Chadsworth process during the pre-construction phase will take typically between 4 meetings to 6 meetings. The second meeting you will sign a pre-construction contract that formalize our mutual responsibilities.

We will develop the house plan, prepare a specifications package and present a time frame for the construction process.

At this point you will move to the next phase which is to formalize your commitment by:

  • Finalize your financing
  • Purchase your lot
  • Go to contract with Chadsworth Homes
Step Five – Finalize Selections:

The selection process is the fun part of the process. You get to choose what you want: color, brand, shape and type.

This is also the key component to the whole process. Delaying or changing selections will “ALWAYS” increase your cost — ALWAYS. We work with home selection experts who will guide you through the whole process. Working with our designer expedites the process and uses your time efficiently.

Step Six – Construction:

The construction of your home is an exciting and fun process. Please remember the following:

During the construction process, once it is safe to walk around, you may visit the home as often as you wish. Just be aware that safety is our number one concern; no children, no flip flops — no exceptions.

We will schedule several walk-throughs with you; one to review the placement of lights and to review door swings, and one at the end of the job where we will walk the house with you to write up a list of additional items you want taken care of. We are at the house every day, so we can meet you there to discuss the job as required.

Chadsworth has a schedule for all our houses.

Our ability to maintain our schedule relies on weather, the government permitting and inspection divisions, utility companies, labor workforce, material availability as well as other items. All these items combined do not have the same weight as selections not made.

The cornerstone to the Chadsworth Building Process is issuing purchase orders (PO’s) prior to digging the basement. For us to issue PO’s, the tradesmen need the selections. If selections are delayed or remade, then you will be unhappy, and our project manager will be unhappy.

Step Seven – Settlement:

When you see the basement flooring being installed, you will know we are just a few weeks away from your home being complete. At this time, we will install the driveway, complete the landscaping, notify you and the bank of the completion of the house, finalize the accounting for any change orders and obtain the Use & Occupancy Permit from the government.

The Warranty Binder will be finalized and the walk through of your home will be scheduled, so we will not have outstanding items after you move in. During the walk through, we will show you how the equipment in the house works and answer your questions.  No realtors, friends, relatives or house inspectors are to be included. They may visit the house with you before or after our meeting.

Step Eight – Post Settlement:

Your warranty is with Chadsworth, but is backed by 2-10 Warranty Company. We have placed the warranty binder in your basement, along with a list of phone numbers of the trade partners who helped us build your home. If you have an emergency, call the trade partner immediately. Otherwise, call us around 11 months after you have gone to settlement, and we will walk through the house with you and prepare a list of items that will be repaired.