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Is Building Green the same as Building Energy Efficient?

The answer is Yes and No; while all homes that are Green are Energy Efficient not all Energy Efficient homes are Green. Of course that depends on the definition of Green. This is confusing but to help make sense out of the Green and Energy Efficient question it helps to think of Green as a Philosophy that incorporates energy efficiency.

There are many different Green programs with the best know being LEED, NAHB and Energy Star. These programs are not equal and are not intended to accomplish the same results. More on the differences in a separate blog. However using just one example for the purpose of today’s blog, a Green program gives points if a load of lumber comes from a mill that is with in 500 miles of the house, while an Energy Efficient program does not consider this in their scoring.

The question the homebuyer wants to ask them selves is : How much money am I willing to spend in order to build a home that lessens my impact on the earth…or better known as my carbon imprint. Depending on your answer results in whether you should consider Green versus building an Energy Efficient Home.

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