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Our experience has taught us that “If you can afford a new home, you can afford a custom built home.”

Chadsworth Homes was started in the early 1990's and since then we have provided, for people like you, the opportunity to Build Your Home To Your Demanding Specifications!

Since our beginning, we have enabled an average of 15 discriminating homeowners a year in Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince George's, Fauquier, Montgomery, and Howard Counties to BUILD THEIR HOME TO THEIR SPECIFICATIONS. Our experience has reinforced our belief that if you can afford a New Home you can afford a Custom Home.

We are very active in developing land, for others and ourselves, ranging from 2 lots to over 250 lots. Usually, this land is for residential purposes but often on the larger parcels there is some commercial use. We will engineer and/or develop these lots for other builders as well as individuals. The engineering includes taking the “raw” land through the zoning process and ending up with fully engineered building lots. We also will take on the responsibility and management of installing water, sewer, and roads so that you end up with a buildable lot.

We are constantly looking for new land to help others and ourselves obtain the maximum potential possible.

Your Choice...Your Dream...Your Home!

About Us Chadsworth Homes belongs to several professional organizations including the National Association of Home Builders, the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association, the Custom Builders Council. We are also members of the Residential Warranty Corporation.

Energy Star and Certified Green

Chadsworth Homes is a Energy Starâ„¢ Partner dedicated to saving you energy and using Green Principles thru out the building process. We are a NAHB Green Certified builder and together we incorporate these process to deliver a home meeting the high standards of both Energy Star and NAHB.

Our slogan of creating “CLASSIC HOMES OF LASTING VALUE” has proven to be the reason that our homeowners remember us. Not only have their homes been exactly what they desired but they have proven to be an exceptional investment.

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