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About Us

If you can afford a new home, you can afford a custom built home.


Chadsworth Homes was started in the early 1990’s and since then we have worked with people like you who are frustrated by their old cramp house or lack of storage or their long commute. Families have come to us for assistance.

The choices when it comes to building a new home are:

A) Builders who do not change their plans (referred to as Tract Builders) or

B) Chadsworth Homes who will work with you to find a solution to your problems and building a home that fits your life.


Mega corporation & boutique builders have high and burdensome overhead expenses that has to be built into their sales price. Chadsworth is a lean, green building machine. We belong to ‘Builders Buyer Co-ops’ that allows us to buy raw materials and negotiate with subcontractors for pricing that is on the same level as the mega’s… and these savings are passed onto you. As such Chadsworth includes high performance equipment and higher quality materials at a lower price to you.

Using these and innovative buying techniques we know that “IF YOU CAN AFFORD A NEW HOME , YOU CAN AFFORD A CHADSWORTH CUSTOM HOME”, and at today’s interest rates, this is a bargain!

Chadsworth handles the construction process completely, which is referred to as ‘Turn-Key’. Low price per square foot builders will offer a misleadingly low price by expecting you to be the expert in land development, permitting, engineering etc. Do you know good dirt from bad dirt?


Chadsworth Homes belongs to several professional organizations including the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association, and the Custom Builders Council. We are also members 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty & ENERGY STAR.

Chadsworth Homes is an ENERGY STAR™ Partner, dedicated to saving our custom home buyers energy and money.

Chadsworth ensures all of our construction debris is recycled and we take pride in ensuring we save trees and minimize the disturbance of the land. This practice makes for a good looking job, for an environmentally sound job, and in the end saves you money.


Chadsworth custom home buyers typically come from a home that is one half the size they are building, but they have told us that their new home energy bills are less then their old homes. Just think of that; double the size you want to heat/cool and it costs less money than where you came from! How do we do this? Well, it is the Chadsworth approach to construction.

‘You get what you pay for’ and there are reasons for everything.

In summary, when you are comparing builders, be sure to know what services and expertise each is providing. Never think about a builder unless you have visited one of their homes.


Construction of a home is a TEAM effort. First and foremost is you – the home owner. Chadsworth brings together the ARCHITECT, ENGINEER & DESIGNER. Together we bring to fruition your vision and to ensure it is built on time, on budget and on schedule. The Chadsworth Process is to have an initial meeting with the owner once or twice. This allows us to assist the owners in summarizing their vision, so the architect and engineer are able to better understand the ultimate goal. These steps save the owner time and money and expedites the draft building plan.

Once the draft building plan is prepared, the ‘foot print’ of the house (i.e. exterior, outside dimension etc.) is given to the engineer so they can locate the house on the lot.

After the engineer and the contract, we begin meeting with the selections coordinator. The duties and responsibilities of the designer are to assist the home owner as they choose kitchens, vanities, plumbing, electrical etc. This step is critical to the project and the mental health of the owner and the builder’s project manager (scheduling).


We surround ourselves with hard working and smart subcontractors, suppliers, engineers, architects, etc. As my mother told me, ‘You are known by the company you keep.’

We are lucky to have formed an affiliation with a top home builder from China. This is to our benefit as we complement each other strengths. Hank Hao has a built over a billion dollars of Custom Homes and Commercial Properties. Hank Hao, (703) 848-5891 is the President of Win Development, Inc. located at 7700 Leesburg Pike, Suite 312, Falls Church, VA 22043 and his strengths lie in Design, Marketing, and Construction Operations. We are currently working together to build a Classic, State of the Art Home that will be available to the market this coming year.